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About Heaven On Earth Ministries

Heaven on Earth Ministries (HOEM) is a non-profit educational and retreat ministry, established in 1999. It is dedicated to transforming the hearts of humanity, one heart at a time, and helping souls to experience God ~ Divinity in all that is. The feeling of living in Heaven here on Earth ~ of Love, joy, peace and harmony as a daily experience, is found through awakening the Sacred Heart. This opens our awareness to the Oneness of life, to communion with God as the most intimate Beloved within, and the experience of being guided and blessed by Divine Grace.

The ministry blends ancient and contemporary teachings for restoring Love on our planet. It draws deeply from the way of the Christ, Divine Mother, St. Francis and Masters from many traditions. HOEM is a living chalice, connecting people with the very real experience of God as Divine Love within the heart, teaching selfless service and bringing profound healing, greater happiness, deep purpose and fulfillment to our lives.

This is a path of focusing on loving God, gratitude, devotion, faith, prayer, meditation and service to humanity and the planet. Those who work deeply with the teachings are committed to becoming empty instruments for God/Love to work through here on Earth, bringing kindness, compassion, caring, peace and joy.

Because we are all connected in the Oneness of life, everything we think and do makes a difference. The ways we hold loving thoughts in our minds, the ways we care for, cherish and serve each other & our planet, the ways we forgive, respect & embrace each other and all beings ~ these expressions of living each day from unconditional Love ripple out into the world and uplift others.