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Welcome to Heaven on Earth Ministries


Creating Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth begins as a real experience of God within our hearts, a consciousness of pure Goodness and Benevolence that then manifests in the physical world through unconditional Love and compassionate action. Heaven on Earth Ministries supports the healing of humanity and our planet through deep prayer work and meditation, radiating Love, joy and harmony, and consciously caring for life all around us every day. With the awareness that our thoughts, feelings and consciousness affect Mother Nature and all of life, we can choose to take more care with the thoughts and feelings we focus upon. True healing of Mother Earth begins by transforming each of our hearts. When we heal as individuals and lift our focus to God, to Love, to selfless service, the healing of humanity and the planet happens naturally. Each one of us is connected in a greater Oneness, in a collective consciousness, and each person’s transformation affects the whole.