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Retreats, Events & Gatherings

HOEM has been holding four full retreats of 3-5 days each year, since 1999 ~ at New Year, Wesak (the Taurus full moon celebrating Buddha’s birth & enlightenment), Labor Day and Thanksgiving. We also have special events focusing on the spiritual aspects of various holidays ~ Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, July Fourth and Christmas.

Since 1999, we also have had community Council meetings every Friday evening and Sunday services every Sunday, except during retreats. The services usually begin at 9:00 am, at various host homes, although times may change according to the season and special circumstances.

Spiritual Teachings for Awakening

Some of the foundational keys and teachings of our ministry are:

Focus ~ Keep the mind and heart focused on God, on Love, ~ for whatever we focus upon is magnified in our experience.

Gratitude ~ Residing in gratitude allows us to experience the benevolent hand of God behind everything, blessing us or remolding us into beings of Love.

Prayer ~ Pray deeply and often throughout the day, for God responds to every sincere prayer from the heart.

Service ~ Selfless service to the Divine and to humanity, responsibly caring for everything around us, is an important aspect on this path of awakening, for True Love wants to give of itself in action.

Breath Meditation ~ Use the ‘Holy Breath’ meditation to go deep into the Sacred Heart and reside in communion with the Divine Presence there.

Celebration & Bliss ~ Dance, sing, celebrate and embody the joy, the pure bliss, which is an expression of God’s Eternal Presence.

Faith & Grace ~ Have faith in Divine Benevolence and open to receive the Grace and Blessings that are always available.